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Karnivool - Nachash acapella practice

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Hey all!

I love to sing Karnivool songs a capella because I love to train my tempo keeping. I was kind of off at the start but the I got it right, haha.

Anyway, the important thing here is technique.

I have no problems in this song whatsoever, except for the parts in falsetto, which are the hardest to me. I can't do light, low volume headvoice with solid adduction. Haha

After the loud parts, doing those light ones makes me lose control considerably, and I have a hard time with pitch. Why? Is it because it is a more delicate coordination and the muscles are spinning 1000 rpm?

For the ones that like this kind of music or have heard the original, do you think my voice fits the style?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :P

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