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what do you do with Stubborn voices

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On certain days certain parts of my voice and im sure yours to are stubborn (usually my larynx) and they just wont listen. I would sing in perfect control the day before but then BAM!! IT HITS YOU LIKE DEATH! Its the worst thing ever even when troubleshooting the problem and trying to fix it with onsets the problem still calls you names and destroys your self confidence.

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so many people don't know to warm up, skip over it, or just don't give themselves enough time.

it can take me some days over an hour...

sometimes it may be somewhat of a repair warmup, where you sang really hard the night before and you need to bring back elasticity.

this is a place you need to get to and then sing in this place.

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The more I do this... and Im going on 30 years of singing and 12 years of teaching full time... the more I appreciate how much you have to warm up. I sound like a troll for about the first 20 minutes.... then all of a sudden, after working my "Foundation Building Routine", nasal consonants and "call" onsets... it starts coming around.


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Remember, too, that how you finish the prior day vocally will affect how you begin the next. Protracted talking in a noisy environment, i.e., party or bar, after a gig will tire your voice, and increasse the accumulation of fluids in the laryngeal tissues (edema) that must dissipate the next day before you will be 'in voice' again.

So, if you have to sing early the next day, dial-back the intensity of the talking during the evening.

I hope this is helpful.

Oh, and stay hydrated :-)

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Good stuff in this thread guys.

Hey Jarom a thing I do on serious singing days, when I have to be at my best for a session I always start the morning with a long hot shower, as hot as I can stand it. I let the water pound on my face, chest and back for like 10 minutes while I do stretches and lip rolls and this kind of chanting long tone thing I learned from Seth Rigg's wife. It does the trick and snaps me out of any vocal funk, try it. Then when I get out I go straight to working out my falsetto, I sing to the best of Earth, Wind And Fire and then I work the bottom of my voice with Martin Sexton, then I blend it with stuff like Drift and Die by Puddle Of Mudd (my all-time fav song to warm up to).


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