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Consistency while descending from head voice(From A4 to C4)

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I have been working hard to improve my transition. I heard Adoney's version of "Clairvoyant" by Iron Maiden in this forum. Having been blown away by his talent, I have always felt inspired to sing this song.

Yesterday, for the first time I could sing this song during practice and I thought it sounded really good, especially the place where Bruce sing "dem-aaaa-eeeee--ssss". I could also sing the chorus which is a fairly difficult section.. For a session, I was able to achieve a magical "one voice" quality, which I have never done before & it felt exhilarating :D .. I was in a zone and I could feel it.. I don't know how to describe it, but I felt in FULL control of each and every note and it did not even feel difficult..

Now, the problem for me is that, I am not trained & I don't know how to do this consistently. There are some really good singing days(maybe I am really well warmed up I don't know).. On other days, I struggle a lot with the transition around passagio on which days I simply cannot sing for e.g. "Clairvoyant".. I can do normally do an A4 in full voice and in my head voice I can easily hit D5(like in "Bring me your daughter to the Slaughter" where it goes "let her go" or like in Queen's "Show must go on" where Freddy absolutely hammers "I'll face it with the grin, I'm never givin in, OOOOOn with the Showwwww".. I never have issues when I am only singing between A4-E5

Over the last few months, I have identified my issue with descending into the passagio from say an A4 into a D3. I am getting better at ascending through the passagio, I have learnt a lighter configuration which allows me to ascend with consistency in a smooth "one voice"..

But are there any exercises that I can learn/do to build consistency around descending from head voice into the passagio without an obvious break.. In other words, what should I do to be able to sing low notes(around C4-G4)with a higher head voice mix. This along with sufficient warm up should greatly help increase my consistency and help me sing very difficult songs..

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Aravin, without training, performing this kind of repertoire with consistency... It's just unlikely...

But anyways, there are a few possible tracks that would cause this break at the spot you mention:

1 - The register. Experiment with your voice, yodel and notice how it changes from your normal voice to "something else". Then notice if you are still using your normal voice, or if you are changing into "something else". If you do make the transition, then you have to find a way to make both your normal voice and your "something else" capable of producing the same quality and intensity at the point you want to transition;

2 - Resonace/Vowels. The higher notes in the way Bruce sings them, are rounded, a kind of wail, if you don't take care and you let the vowels open up on the way down, you will create a huge change on the quality, since at G#4 it will be a really loud shout; Similar to the previous point, you will need to equalize the quality of both resonance strategies at a given point in range where you want to change it.

3 - Support/Twang. If you are using your normal voice (which to me is the easier and more reliable way to sing this), you may create a tendancy to relax on the way down, letting go of compression and losing forward placement/twang/edge/metal.

These things are all kind of related to eacho other. Most likely it's a combination of them all with a bit of tension kicking in... I don't believe it will help much, but I hope it does :).

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