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singing lessons online for free

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straight to the point, im trying to do lots of thing through the internet over the time as much as i can, and

again i'll say it straight to the point, i have no money i cant afford in anyway a vocal coach, im 17 years old.

i was hoping if anyone could advice me on good youtube channels or any other site to help me.

thanks in advance :D :P

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You know, when I've started out I looked for a lot of lessons online. After being stuck for 10 minutes with a lesson on how to something and then getting a point that says: "you need to believe that you can do it" I became much smarter and stopped actively searching for free lessons.

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There are good videos on youtube, you can find plenty of exercises and a lot of them are basic to most methods.

There is a problem to this.....understanding the exercises, doing them correctly and knowing why you are doing them are more important than the exercises themselves. It is better to get a coach or save up for skype lessons.

Good luck on your journey...everyone can improve.... we all heve the same equipment to work with so do not be thinking that it is impossible.

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Whel, they were fine, and I dis more. Something you are interested in?

I am quite curious about the "tilt" figures, and even more on how they teach it, but I did not find much other than the Tom Burke videos. I ask because I am thinking of attending it, maybe even trying to certificate, but it will cost me a lot...

The ideas of tilting cricoid and thyroid, and the way they teach "belting" and "opera" do they work well in your opinion? At least on the practical side?

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For starters, you are special...

2nd, get a good home study program... if you can get private lessons with the coach behind the program, then great. But do NOT look for an "easy" way... or a quick tip, or a secret tip... that is not how it works.

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I'm convinced it's not possible to truly learn vocal technique for free off youtube. It's just too specific and individual, you really need lessons.

If you are in touch with your parents and they are doing well financially, try to be a good boy for a while and convince them to help pay for some lessons...worked for me when I was your age. ;)

If worst comes to worst and youtube lessons is your only option, make sure you are looking at videos that are spending the bulk of the explaining HOW to train. A vast majority of youtube teachers, regardless of quality, and although they may not be like this at all in one on one lessons - so many, for time and marketing sake, only present the WHAT on youtube - what exercises to do, what terminology to know, what concepts to practice. This is USELESS to a self-taught singer compared to those who are explaining how to do the exercises correctly including demonstrating the correct sound, describing what it feels like, and common mistakes students make when they try it that you want to make sure you avoid.

Even if you could find the exact exercises Pavarotti's $1500/hr teacher used back in the day to train the great, if you do them incorrectly your singing will only get worse. Correct execution is key.

Any exercise, done correctly, will do wonders for your voice, so just focus mostly on finding thorough directions toward correct technique rather than folks just sharing interesting exercises or lecturing information about vocal terminology or concepts.

As you are learning the HOW, as for WHAT exercises to train (the "what" is important to have, it's just not that important what it IS), just pick anything that seems easy enough for you to follow, and work on it daily.

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I think it is interesting that after all of this pontificating, no one has actually answered the question. Which online sources and vids could a youngster who doesn't have rich parents who wish to support a singing endeavor, and college, and several thousand dollars worth of music equipment and thousands to spend on private lessons and course material, avail himself to, in order to learn a few things?

A number of vocal instructors have tutorials on youtube. For example, another vocal instructor. And another vocal instructor. Not to forget mentioning, also, another vocal instructor. And I happened to like another vocal instructors, who's tutorials brought me here, as he had one mentioned this forum.

And of course, this forum is owned by Robert Lunte, who has a singing program and is one of the sources of tutorial videos that I mean suggest, along with another vocal instructor, another vocal instructor, and also, another vocal instructor.

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Hey Nosomeone special,

Learning how to do anything, much less singing will not break the bank exactly, but in the long run it definitely won't be completely free, however some things are worth saving for if singing is what you really desire to do. :)

Here's a few youtube channels that have some good free info that I recommend to help you get on the right track.





*PLEASE NOTE*: This is NOT the route to take for the long term, this is only to help you get your feet wet, so to speak and to introduce you to concepts of the method. The real results you get will be from training/ exercises, only a sample of exercises are shown because there is little room for error that way and to set the foundation of what each program/method has to offer.

Once you get familiar with some concepts, there are some EXCELLENT choices for self-study to really set you on the fast track to great singing.

For that I recommend;

4Pillars of Singing program http://www.thevocaliststudiostore.com/The-Four-Pillars-of-Singing_p_27.html * (One of the main authors/ developers Rob Lunte himself showed up in this thread so feel free to ask him anything you want to know, he'll definitely be glad help you out). *

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy ( http://kentamplinvocalacademy.com/

Jaime Vendera's Raise Your Voice (book) http://www.amazon.com/Raise-Your-Voice-Jaime-Vendera/dp/0974941158/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1415971890&sr=8-4&keywords=raise+your+voice

Kevin Richards Breaking The Chains http://www.thevoxshop.com/rock-vocal-course.html

Think of this as investing in a class (albeit a really fun, hands-on class) because that is almost really what it is. You are paying money to learn the art of great singing and how to apply it. Really research all of these options and find the one approach that you feel most comfortable with. Sorry to hear about your financial situation, economies tough these days and thats an understatement.

Each youtube channel I linked all offer online singing lessons on Skype. Even having just one or two lessons can sometimes be all you need to progress the rest of the way on your own so if you are ever stuck, just set aside a little money and use paypal to book a lesson with the coaches I listed. Theres also some excellent vocal coaches that show up in this forum regularly that offer skype lessons like Daniel Formica, Felipe Carvalho, Marnell Sample and many others.

Hope this helps man, I wish you the best!

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For what is worth i had a chance to see some of the content Kevin Rischards offers in breaking the chains..and its really sub-par....not dissing him down but Robert Lunte or Ken Tamplin would be far better choice...i personally decided to go with Robert Lunte since not only he gives u the DVD lessons and AMAZING BOOK about voice and exercises but he is also completely personally engaged in your progress..

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I'm planning on getting certified myself. There are some things that I don't agree with however, and that's the tilt of the thyroid and cricoid and thin versus thick folds as they teach them. Of course no system is perfect, but the good thing is that they keep updating their knowledge. They have an annual symposium where various experts presents new findings etc.

The way they have structured things is clever in my opinion and yes, the step by step guides to achieve belting and opera qualities is smart and completely in line with scientific research.

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