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Vocal type?

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Untrained. When you stop pushing, then it will be possible to classify, also it will no longer matter if you are performing pop.


Exactly this

Same with when you stop letting go into falsetto (or whatever kind of shying away from yourself you could be doing)

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() - Pushed

Pure Chest: G2 - approx E4/F4 (G4)

Middle: C3 - E5 (G5/A5)

Head: (E4)G4 - E6, Head voice starts E5

F6 - A6

given your range, mixed head voice starts around G4 and full head voice will start around C#5~Eb5. also, I don't believe you are hitting notes that high unless you are using like adam lopez whistle voice. the highest I've heard in yelling whistle is a F6 and most top out at C6.

actual range has a lot to do with how you sound with full adduction, and having that also will let you determine your lowest note. originally I was a low baritone and I ended up being in a light low tenor area.

essentially being a G2 doesn't tell much, but if you have that with full adduction it might be something like a baritone or low tenor.

also, pushing isn't correct as mentioned.

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