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what is the best road to becoming a vocal coach

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right now im 17. I plan on going on a Mission for my faith (Mormon) when I am 18. After my mission I want to work with Robert Lunte and become a certified teacher in tvs methodology. I then want to study a little bit with kne tamplin and a little with jaime vendera to get some different perspectives but overal most of my time will be spent with robert. After training and learning with these coaches of how to sing and hopefully how to teach, I plan on moving back to my home in utah and start teaching at a cheap price 20 30 bucks an hour, and then slowly raising it to 70 80 bucks an hour. The market is huge where I live because There is allot of wanna be singers especially because of all the talent that has come out utah, neon trees, imagin dragons, the used, and many more. Yet we don't have allot of vocal coaches aside from a couple speech level and opera coaches there is no one.

Is this a good road to take and would certifications and training from these coaches be enough credentials to have a serious teaching career?

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great post phil. if i may add to this ......

learn the basics of how the damn things works....lol!!!

it begins with the breath.

instill in your students to know and believe strongly that the mind/state of mind/mental outlook has so much to do with it.

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