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Appolgize - One Republic cover

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There were pitch issues in this. And recording issues, I think with the mic you are using. It's topping out as if you're singing too close to the mic throughout the whole song, and there's a lot of feedback. If you sang to a backing track, did the whole song, and went through each phrase, I'd think you'd have a better result.

As for pitch, it was mostly okay, except for the chorus. "It's too late" is sung in falsetto in the original song in two A#4's, (in the key you're singing it in it should be two A4's) but you sang two F#4's in a full.? voice, and changed the key in that phrase. Switch to head voice or falsetto so that you don't have to sing the A4's in full voice, because it sounds like you were aware of the vocal line and just changed it intentionally.

As an aside, when you post something for review, don't make excuses or try to downplay potential flaws. Why? People will capitalize on them for one, and secondly, it shows that you aren't showing respect for or taking pride in what you're doing. If you're taking singing seriously, you'll want to at least try to be the best that you can be, every time.

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I just used the mic on my computer, it sucks. And I don't do falsetto at all so I didn't bother and did what felt natural and I thought the pitch in the chorus was fine. I am not making any excuses I'm being honest about what I thought, it was a little pitchy so why not state that. I liked the recording personally, and none of my recordings are 100% perfect so I posted it.

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Just linking http://themodernvocalist.punbb-hosting.com/viewtopic.php?id=9260 as a reference.

I'm not saying anything new than what others like MDEW or singingnewbie have pointed out in your past recordings for review.

Thanks, yeah I heard the pitchyness too. The improvised melody...haha yeah I tend to do that other than just singing the song straight up, I'm not sure why.

You yourself figured out eight months ago you were having issues.

Thank-you! I don't sing with music because it messes up my pitch/the key I'm singing in immensely, something I need to work on I think.

Again the same affirmation.

If there's one thing I give credit to people for when they do stuff like this, it's trying. At least putting in effort. If nothing has changed in eight months, then do you expect to hear something different? Cut the excuses. Yes, saying something has pitch errors, saying you didn't use music as if you didn't care, and then topping it off by saying you still felt like singing it, (or posting it, rather) are excuses. To reiterate: make the most of what you're doing. You can make a bazillion pitch errors during the recording process, and end up with a polished recording once you master the song. No one will have a clue of what you struggled with when they're listening to your work, unless you told them. It simply comes across as careless when people post stuff with justifications for why it isn't their 100% best effort. To be fair, I did point out the pitch issues. Even though something may sound right to you, it might not to someone else. If you don't agree, challenge it; don't call someone a jerk. There's a difference between changing the pitch of something for stylistic preferences, like using riffs or singing harmony lines, and being completely off-key or atonal.

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Yes I do hear something different, I think my tone has improved and technique in general, your comments to me are not constructive at all which is why I don't really appreciate them. I don't even have pitch issues there's a couple parts where it's off because I have never practised the song ever. I always put effort into whatever I sing and for you to say I don't is insulting. I'm on this site to get constructive feedback and also inspiration not to hear from annoying people who are going to deter me from singing which is something I love doing . Also, I don't have a program where I can sing with music therefore I don't.

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Sorry but you were offpitch many times.. you should try an easier song and start from more easy songs..


I think you sing falsetto, and if you do that you should stop doing it because it's a really heard technique (or you have a reallyy bright voice which in that way is really unusual and a gift that you could work on)

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If you want to keep singing this way, and posting it. I'm cool with it personally, but you yourself have said it was pitchy. If you want that, that's cool. If you don't then you'd have to make some kind of change. Lessons would be by far the fastest way for your to improve. Sometimes people go off key cause they have too much constriction, other times it's musical error. Only you can really verify how much you have.


For constriction, if you are constricted, you'd either need to get as honest with yourself as you can (ego aside) and try to find a more relaxed, free flowing phonation, which sometimes isn't possible on our own, or get a professional who would help. For musicality you have a lot more options. Do you have some kind of instrument? If not can you download a trial of Fruity loops or some other kind of composition software (Anvil Studio was an older free one)? They have things called 'piano rolls' where you can move the notes up and down, listen to and sing along with the pitches, and compose music.


Basically to improve pitch from a musical standpoint, you'd play pitch games with yourself. Sing along to other things. Play what you sing. Back and forth, scales, intervals, melodies, harmonies and so forth. You can tune yourself to some degree this way.


I dunno man. You seem to be looking for improvement. People are giving you a hard time, maybe trying a tough love approach with you, or maybe just are annoyed. But fundamentally, you don't achieve goals by banging your head into the same wall. Sometimes you gotta find the door that you've been missing. It's possible you can find this door yourself, but it's faster when someone knowledgeable shows you.

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It doesnt work to ask for criticism, then fight it till the end. Simple, your timing was off, you had no key you stayed in, and some other crap i dont feel like mentioning. Mainly because i know it will flow through one ear and out the other.

If you want to stay like this then good for you, just dont ask for criticism. Stay confident and be a rock star, do what you want.

However, if you really want to improve, gotta drop the ego and say you suck and start from square one. I am not saying you suck, but that is the mind set you need. I just did that to myself about 3 weeks ago.

I had two nagging issues that were not resolving, so it was time to change it up. I took myself down to beginner, told myself you are a rook and suck. I worked with two different people since then, as well as mini advice from many others. You know what, in that short time, one problem is gone and the second is just about gone too. I could have kept for 10 years prob and never fixed them if I didnt take myself down a peg and ask for true help. Instead 3 weeks and massive success.

However let me tell you what I didnt do with the two people whom worked with me. I didnt spend any time talking about myself or accomplishments nor excuses. Just sat the f down and did what was asked of me, no ego no nothing. I couldnt be happier with the results, and very thankful for the help given to me. Especially one person who never gives lessons anymore really.

Point is, you gotta choose one day man which route you are gonna take. Stay a rock star, or knock chip off your shoulder and truly listen. There are alot of intelligent people with good ears here.

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Blame, people are not hating on you or saying that you do everything wrong. But it's easy to get defensive. I certainly did and not too terribly long ago. Because I have always done well live but I have red light syndrome. And so mistakes would seep in and stay there because I was and still am proud of being a live singer. And red light syndrome, I make mistakes I never would when not "recording for quality."


And I would get defensive and point out I have sang this or that song live and received applause and not just because I am tall and scary-looking. And in so many words, people were not doubting that. Just saying I made a pitch mistake or whatever in this recording I share. And will some assume its an on-going problem, regardless of other efforts that show no signs of the problem? Sure. I can't please everyone, not everyone will be a fan. Granted, this is a singing forum, not a recording tech and procedure forum. But either way, a problematic recording may draw a comment.


And some will make comments about tone, etcetera.


Here's the hardest thing you will ever do and it is mental. It is harder than practicing exercises of matching pitch or learning note intervals. The hardest thing you can do is listen objectively, at least to a large degree. There is no true objectivity, we all value different things at different times. But, to have the emotional distance to stand back and listen to it as if you were a stranger. If you find a weak spot, then re-do. If you are recording on your phone or whatever,  you are recording digitally. That means you are not using up yards of tape.


That was a hard lesson for me to learn. To NOT just upload the first file I make. Though sometimes I have. But more recently, even if what I did was first take, I review it to myself for a few days, sometimes share with a friend or two who may spot something I didn't. People who know how to critique without being phalli about it.


I may still get different criticism here, and that's okay. We always have to consider the audience, even here in the forum. I have a different thread on how to receive criticism.


And part of considering the audience is not getting defensive or expecting others to always admire your genius.


So, what I am saying is that people only have the file you shared to hear. There may be other times later, after going through the song more times, where you sang it better, no errors. But a recording of that is not here. Only the one you did share that had problems. So, probably the easiest way to avoid such critique is to record more than once And keep the one that sounds best.


Here's a trick I use for myself, especially when using the portable digital recorder. Red light goes on, I flub it and make a wrong chord, botch the onset of the first lyric. Normally, I would stop and start the recorder. But that is exactly what is stopping the groove. So what I did for a song i am not posting here is that I just let it go and started again. So, on the original recording before editing, you can hear me start, hear me falter the chords and start at the wrong note. Then you hear me curse, stop, blow a raspberry, and then, start again. Later, in editing, I snip out just before the start of the good take.


I did a song recently and botched the high part in the middle with a song I have sang along with for decades. But this time, screwed it up. So, I patched in a better take, It's not deceptive and no one would doubt that I could sing it well live. But all you have is the recording I present. So, all I have to do is prove that I can sing it like I say that I have.


Maybe that is something we can do. Keep a bloopers reel, of sorts.


Or, like others suggest, just go and be a rock star. Lou Reed has been on pitch by accident, some times. 


If the sun is rising and setting, Bob Dylan is scooping and crashing notes.


Just remember, when you get defensive, sometimes others get defensive, too. Because no one is perfect. At least not as perfect as I am.  :lol:   :lol:

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