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Once in a deep head placement how can vibrato be aplied

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I can get a good colored head placement starting at f4 and singing up to f5 (not my full range just my head/mix voice range) I can add distortion pretty easily if I've been a good boy and drinking my water, and I feel free. Yet I still cant get vibrato it comes naturally sometimes but I cant get a good controlled vibrato. I purchased The 4 pillars of singing mainly because I loved Roberts vibrato I wanted to learn how to sing but roberts vibrato is what sold me. What are some tips to freeing my vibrato in head placed notes? I have been doing the Diaphragm and Vibrato development exercise but it rely isn't working out to well I can get vibrato with the exercise but it sounds forced and not freed. Any tricks to develop it in a head placed phonation?

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Well I would say best answer would come from either robert or someone who is extensively trained in tvs. However, i will say some things that will universally effect natural vibrato(this excludes the heavily faked methods). Not enough fold closure, a layrnx jammed so high it is constricting, under/over supporting, and over extending the chest voice though that would more than likely also cause your layrnx to rise to constriction as said earlier.

One thing i might add is at that, if you are in a properly connected head voice, you will have a small amount of air flow with a fair amount of compression. One bad habit i developed at one point that took a fair amount of time to find was. When I would get that amount of compression, i would hold back and not know it. So beautiful vibrato would start for a short burst, then turn uncontrolled, un even uncomfortable then poof gone anywhere past an f4. Even if I had muscular compression, the diaphragm would stay down until i thought for it to make its way up. I know its strange to describe it that way, but it is the best say i can. However, it is not uncommon for a singer to hold his/her breath and not realize it. Now it is possible you are over supporting, however at an f5, if you were over supporting you would have more than likely blown the folds apart. However it is still possible.

Two things i would try. For the breath try inhaling and breathe out a steady stream of air with your belly and diaphragm. I know robert teaches breathing correctly, and i am assuming you have already went through those exercises. Anyways, breathe in and out like he teaches you, but no vocal compression just blowing air. Do slow and steady, also do big burst. Feel the sensations of your diaphragm traveling up, then see how your breathing changes, see if you feel,yourself holding your breath. The second thing is make sure you are starting with closed vocal folds at the onset, and that you arent letting them break apart when you get deep in the head voice range. I know robert is the twang master, so i am sure there are exercises to help you through this.

Now these are just assumptions of common causes, there could be something else. If you wanted to post samples that would help out.

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