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Help me; Black Sabbath - Headless cross (chorus)

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So, you know, the sempiternal struggle of perfecting one's mixed voice.

I'm trying to add really nice meat to my lower mixed voice, but not so much that it sounds growly.

Just like many people I've looked to Dio and even though I don't sound like him I've learned a few tricks.

It's a very hard technique; if you do something wrong your throat will be soar for a few days. I've got empirical evidence...

Anyway, I want to hear your opinion which iteration sounds best/least shitty.


I went from a very bright and thin sound to a darker and grittier and then back to a bright but more dio-esque sound which frankly is over the top.

To put in context, this is the original vocalist:

...and the note is higher than it sounds like haha.

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