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Transition into head voice and head voice itself.

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I feel like the head voice doesn't really belong to my body. I don't use almost any tension or don't feel any ability to control it and it also sounds weak and weird (maybe it's just me..). All songs can't be belted (right?) and I would like to have some control over my voice since I love singing.

I tried to sing She's Gone by Steelheart: http://picosong.com/4xbq/

The chorus sounds kinda desperate but I would like to ask you what am I doing wrong. Is it supposed to sound like that (hope not :D)? What can I do to not crack in the transition moment and to sing with more power, color and control in the head voice?

I've tried to belt it out but.. it's too high, loud and harmful. :D

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To me it sounds like you are using all head, and even that head voice is light with very light fold closure. However, i know this is always an issue with women just like using falsetto in the mixed range is always an issue for men in the beginning. So i would work on fold closure exercises, however since you said you have tried to add volume and power and it is "damaging", my guess is you have not found your "middle" voice yet. You prob drag your chest up there when you try. So i would also work on exercises to find your middle voice (womens combo of head and chest voice). I would say work on these together as they will complement eachother.

Also one more thing, i hear some nasal in your tone. So I would look at tongue position as well as soft palate position. See if you are constricting, or using that constriction to get the fold closure you have. That i couldnt say from sound, that is only visual.

But the good things are, you are right on the money with the notes, with no pitch issues on this recording. So that is great, so i am sure you will sing great once you get the kinks worked out. Also you already have a nice tone, and once you get everything down your tone will increase 10 fold!!:)

Oh also i dont know if you are taking a course or have one. But there are alot of good exercises on YouTube, home courses, and of course the best option actual teacher. However, can also provide some exercises if you cant find anh.

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You should consider a training approach that continues to get you oriented with the headier resonant positions or "top down" training techniques, with an important diet of "bottom-up" training techniques that will work on building the strength and coordination of your "M1" or chest voice musculature... to do resistance training to "pull" M1 musculature so that it can support higher frequencies with stability (notes). 


This is a fairly complex process, but can be explained to you in several vocal programs, including mine, "The Four Pillars of Singing"... and / or an internet lesson.  It sounds like you need training and a good coach.  Do you have a coach?


I would be happy to help you... there are other great coaches on this forum as well that would also be willing to help you.. either way, you should train.


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