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Soft Headvoce Notes (HELP!!!)

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Hey Guys,

A newbie here ;)

I know this has been disccused a few times here, but my main problem that i can’t figure out is softy headvoice...

Below is a clip of myself doing the liprolls. I go up to a F#5, but have to push to get a sound. If I don’t – my cords don’t adduct and only air comes out.


Another thing is Support. My teacher tells me to give the softer notes even more support and I end up constricting. Somehow, the idea of Big Support + Little Sound = Soft High Notes is very confusing as, for me, more support always equals a bigger sound...

I can’t also do any confortable vocal fry notes in the Bbb-C5 area, which seems to be the cause.

Is there any other way (apart from vocal fry practice) to get softer head notes?

Would sustaining notes on liprolls in C5-E5 area help? The idea is that once I can sustain a note up there, say, for 20 sec, I will be able to hit the notes with less of a push. Does that make sense?

I’m really looking forward to your suggestions, as I’m really frustrated ;(



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Is that the top of your range? At the very tippy top of my range, I can't do a soft note. It has to be with volume, which usually means more consistent air pressure. Not overblown, mind you, but not as soft as me whispering, either.

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That's fine, and that's a good note to top out at. There's plenty of people that cannot hit that note at any volume. And the fact that you can do lip bubbles that high is astounding. If you can remember what your breath support is doing at that point, see what backing off the air pressure a bit does.

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