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Eight days a week Beatles Cover

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I agree, nice job. You sound american when you sing. Do you speak English in real life, at times?


Most Indians in large cities speak decent english, including cab drivers.  Also, India has several hundred languages, including dialects, and some of them believed to be 10000 years old.  My family speaks in English all the time, because my wife comes from a different part of the country and English is indeed our common language.. My kids are growing up primarily speaking english at home, which was not the case with me.  We also watch a lot of english sitcoms and therefore understand the American accent well.  Of course we do not sound American when we speak.  We tend to emphasize a lot on consonants during speaking in India.  I "sound" more American when I sing probably because I relate to this accent more.  Of course I won't sound like you for e.g. if we talk to each other! 


It is probably the vowel mods that I have been working on!

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