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Up There - South Park Movie (low musical theaterish)

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So I did this one because it's fun and silly, the extreme high and low parts are challenging, and also to demonstrate my lowest, musical theaterish tone part...the G2s are pretty much the lowest I can go (unless I trick myself by changing the key), but I don't think it's fry...maybe a little tiny bit.


Anyway, be honest and let me know what you think, I don't think I've ever showed you guys anything like this from me.


One take, a few effects but mostly raw for best representation.


This one has backing music.


I was trying to keep the falsetto part as light-voiced as I possibly could, and that is so hard to jump to so quickly when I've been doing the rest in full chest. I read that there's actually two singers on the original track at that part.


Ok thanks


Also here's the original if you've never heard it, it's a trip: 

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