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All I Want For Christmas is You (Acapella Snippet)

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Hey Guys,


Just thought I'd get some feedback on my acapella singing, just to identify the areas in which I need to improve.


Personally, I think there may be a few pitch issues and vocally it could be a lot stronger. However, I was curious to know what other people thought.


Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and Merry Christmas! :)


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Hey, thanks for the feedback - really appreciate it.


To be honest, I'm not sure what voice type I am but it's interesting to hear you say that I'm a "lyric tenor" - I'll definitely look into that more. And yeah, I agree with bringing more depth/warmth into my tone - it might be just slightly lacking that at the beginning of the song.


Anyway, just out of curiosity, do you know any singers out there who I sound similar to? I suppose I've always been curious to know who I sound like and what kind of genre would best suit the voice I have. Btw, this is also open to any forum member who wants to give their thoughts/opinions :)

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It's a pretty cool listen. I'm not extremely familiar with the melody, but I think acapella you're altering it. It's not out of tune, but like sounds jazzy like you might be shifting a semi tone here or there.


I wouldn't be prepared to know what kind of voice type you have, especially given this vocal style you've presented. People with relatively lower voice types can 'lighten their voices a great deal' and sound very 'light.' As an example, something your voice reminded me of a bit was George Michael, who in my opinion has a pretty rad voice:



He sounds realy 'light' and high, but he's not like a super light voiced tenor like Stevie Wonder, imo. It's just in that song he was singer with a lighter coordination. When he uses his voice more engaged to resonate bit 'fuller', for example singing Stevie Wonder's own song you can her a lot more weight and fullness than Stevie at a similar age likely could even do. 



Going back to W772, I'm unsure of where you want to go with your voice. So it's honestly difficult to give a direction of where to start other than 'vague training' possibly with a teacher.


If you were to twang this tone a bit and make it a bit less breathy, while supporting a bit better, it could get a bit more definition without necessarily losing the style. If you were to slide this town down repeatedly to your lower notes, letting it fully slip into a chest voice, you could get a better 'idea' of what kind of voice you have. There are ways you could take it more typical R n B by playing around with vowels and adding a slight moanish sound. You could learn to yell like James Hetfield, or do metal head voice like Geofff Tate.


But your starting tone here, is kind of just cool. I don't know if it's quite finished as is, but you could probably train, polish, maybe add some cool tweaks and make progress with this 'style.' In the meantime, I'd get a kick out of you singing George Michael. Here's my favorite of his songs "Freedom 90", in case you get the itch:


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You have a very nice voice, I don´t think you have pitch issues at all... I agree with you your voice could be a lot stronger, I would add with training, practice and time (and patience)


To the classical school you could be a "lyric tenor", according to my brother who sings opera i´m a lyric tenor too; but in popular music could be whatever... there is already a post in this forum you may be interested in 


'&do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Back to the old school I´ll give you some examples of different kind of tenors starting with the lighter and finishing with the deeper, all of them can hit the same notes but they have different repertoires, at least theoretically because in practice most of them, specially young tenors sing most of all and that is how they end up ruining their voices at an early age (i´m repeating what my brother says).


The aria is called Che gelida manina from the opera La Boheme, composed by Puccini. This opera was written for a lyric tenor.


Leggero tenor



Lyric tenor




Spinto tenor



Dramatic tenor



Now, returning to the subject, I think killer gave you a good advice, George Michael is an excellent option for you so far, you may also try with some luther vandross now that I see you like RNB

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