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I can't help falling in love

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I really like your timbre and delivery. Thanks for choosing Elvis and putting a special wrinkle on it.


I personally feel like your style and voice is beyond criticism I can offer. It's like it exists on its own island in time and space. Detached from trends, detached from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It's timeless. It stands so distinctly, it doesn't try to be anything it is not, while succeeding at what it is. I feel a bit reverent of it.


I don't know what your life goals are so only you can answer where you want to go, but the best I know to say is my vote is to just keep singing passionately with your distinct voice. I can't guarantee you riches, fame, or anything like that, but having a voice like yours existing naturally without trying to fit into any trend has artistic value.


I know this is the critique section of the forum, but I don't want to deface art with dumb ideas. Maybe write some original music to go along with the voice and explore things that way? As is, it's otherworldly. If you aren't dying to change it, find the way you can best use it in the arts. Maybe create a legacy of material people can remember your voice by.

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