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what happened to my singing voice?

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I lost the ability while my voice was changing at 14, but I don't think it's just a matter of just "your voice has a different sound now because it's deeper". what happens when I try to hit the same notes as I used to be able to is that i'll flex the same muscles but the same sound won't come out, because it feels like the air is getting blocked. my voice just becomes sort of a whisper when I try for those notes, or I just go to the next closest note instead of hitting the right one. and I can't smoothly transition from one note to another in the same syllable, I've got to begin a whole new syllable. and I can't really hit high notes at all anymore. it was about 8 years ago that this started, and there's been no change. I don't know what to do. has anyone experienced anything like this?

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Yes, and then they got lessons or studied some kind of source on singing.


What's happening is that your larynx is rising too high because you think that a higher note means more air and more force and it does not, not matter what a note sounds like to you. A high note is in the head, let it be there.


Have you been to anyone who knows anything about singing? A choir director or someone in a church you may attend? Some friends in school?

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Strange.. give it some time... you should get involved with some training workouts... such as resonant tracking with nasal consonants would probably help you a lot to balance your glottal compression with your respiration pressure, its good vocal health.  I have a basic warm up program that might be helpful and good for you. Click HERE >>>


How old are you now?


Can you paste a link in here for us to hear?




Please upload a picture to your profile page... thanks!

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Hey, me, I would take Robert up on his advice and help. I cannot help much. My voice never cracked. I had a high voice as a boy. When I was around 14, I sounded like a woman, especially on the phone. I remember one time when I was 13, I answered the phone at home. It was some person we did not know. I think it was someone from the company my mother worked for, telling me she was going to work late. I asked some question and he replied, "yes ma'am," a southern honorific denoting respect to a woman.


I told him I was a boy, not a girl. And we both had a good laugh.


But that didn't stop me from needing to work on my singing, later in life. Do, what it takes to get some instruction. And, depending on where you live, there may be one of Robert's associate teachers.

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