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There is no "secret" to singing high notes... the information regarding the science of it and how to train it is readily available. One of the best resources you can have to learn about singing high pitches, would in fact be, right here at the TMV World Forum... so welcome!


In order to sing a high pitch... you have to train your voice. You need to get serious about finding a voice coach and / or a home study program that will teach you how the singing voice works, including high pitches, and further... how to train. The singing voice, including high pitches, requires working out the musculature for singing. 


There is no "secret tip" or something anyone can tell you on a forum that is going to magically make you suddenly sing a high pitch, anymore then any "tip" on a form is going to magically make me suddenly do a slam dunk in a basketball court. Its a trained skill that takes practice....lots of it. So if your serious enough about this, be prepared to train and do the work... 


There are many good coaches here on this forum that can help you with this, I happen to be one of them. I offer a program titled, "The Four Pillars of Singing" that is very popular in helping people sing high pitches... but also... how to belt, pull chest voice higher, sing through your vocal break, scream techniques, vowel modification, training work flows, and on and on... here is my program.



Click HERE >>> 


The short answer.. in addition to practicing the techniques is... high notes are the result of a balance between the sub-glottal respiration pressure, acoustic tuning (formant/vowels), and coordination and strength of certain musculature in the larynx... its actually a fairly complex thing that involves exotic musculature coordinations, high performance command and control of respiration and exotic acoustic tunings... thats why you have to practice and train.

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