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Dave Matthews cover singing

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Hi everyone,


Since a month ago I took a serious go on singing, I notice that I make really big steps.

But only other people can tell me how I sound, and if it is nice to listen to.

I know I still need to practice alot, espacially on the high notes, but at first I couldn't even get the pitch for this song.

Please give me tips and tell me what you think, please be honest.

By the way, it is not the meaning to sound like Dave, I want my own vocal sound.


Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAMYUoQRdjE


Thanks !

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I'm getting a pleasant vibe and you have a cool sound in your comfortable lower range. The bridge is a bit rough, but I've heard worse (mine, at one point, :lol: ). It really sounds like you're exactly at a point where you'd really benefit from some kind of technical advice. Like you've made a lot of progress on your own, without developing horrible habits, but things are still not in quite an area that functions how you intend.


Lessons would be great a kick start. So if you can afford or are interested, it would be a fast transition. A slight yawn and whatever amount of twang assists with your singing might help your bridge grow more comfortable while maintaining and developing this current style. If you take just the beginning of a yawn, like a slight openness, for me it opens my tract into a more comfortable, less talky position.


If you learn to twang (tip of tongue at bottom teeth, middle back of tongue arched back near top molars) this can help maintain brightness, stop that tiny bit of yawn from going dopey, and generally just makes singing notes easier for most folks when they get it down. If you do a twang right, it can sound a bit cackly or quacky.


I don't know what your long term goals are as a singer and honestly you might not know yet either. Those are just things I feel like would help you possibly use a sound similar to your current style comfortably while you try to figure out what your longer term plans are (teachers, styles, etc).


It's coming along, but if you can get it a bit more comfortable up there, falsetto will sound good in this acoustic style.

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Wow, thanks for the advice!

I won a talent competition 2 months ago with fingerstyle acoustic, so without singing. And at that moment I realized that I love to perform, but I really wanted to sing too, so I tried it out.

My plan is to become the singer in a band with my friends, we will play Dave Matthews Band songs the most.

Indeed my bridge was weak, and I tried out your advice now and the bridge went a bit better, just have to keep practising.

I'm 17 so my voice is still changing.

But I am really happy that you liked the sound of my voice, it really means the world to me.

Thank you!

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Yeah, you've got great finger style man. I like it a lot. I almost praised it, but wasn't sure if it was you. Dave Mathews has a cool laid back sound. If you chase comfortable sounds it will help you a lot. You won't need to be wailing quite yet.


17? Yeah, plenty of time. That's great, some of us are have had more years pass by than others, but generally speaking, the younger you are, better your chances commercially. That's sad, as older folks can make beautiful art, must be some fault in our psychology to want to listen to the youth at the expense of our elders. 


So keep training man and glad the advice could help.

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