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First of all great job so far, i dont know how long have you been singing but i can tell you are on the right way if this is the style you like!


Now a personal critique i would like to make is that i didnt see any power in your voice, i listened two covers, "Titanium" and "Wake Me Up", i rarely listen songs i dont know so i listened to these two. I was expecting some power at least a little bit but you are thinning your voice way too early for my taste. I dont say its a bad thing or good for you but i generally consider belting a great and necessary "tool" even in the light styles, to show from time to time that you got pipes and have more dynamics in your singing.


I am a bit confused cause you say that you mimick these singers techniques, i havent listened many stuff from any of them but from what i have listened all three singers can belt more or less. So i would say you should work more towards your vocal power.


Anyway, keep it up and post some more covers!

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I agree with Singingnewbie, the next step is learning how to extend your full voice higher instead of transitioning to a soft head voice like you are on most of the songs. That approach works perfectly for many songs but not others so if you want to improve your versatility, learning to sing your higher range with more power will be a helpful skill to have!

As you continue imitating your favorite singers (btw, that's one of the best ways to learn on your own, you're smart to pursue it!) pay close attention to their intensity (how much "beef" or "thickness" you hear in their voice at some parts vs. where they do the thinner, gentle, soft moments) and try to replicate it more dead on.

But the best thing you did is you didn't try to strain to add power. Which means you have a nice fresh slate for a great teacher to help you develop more power in your high notes in a correct way, if you are interested in that.

If you can figure out a way to sing your high notes with more power/intensity/beefiness (like you may have heard Katy and Beyonce do sometimes), feel free to experiment with it on your own as long as you don't feel strain. My biggest advice to add power would be to reference the feeling of calling out to someone, but make sure you are feeling the power comes from your lower body internally, it's a kind of pressure buildup feeling. It's NOT squeezing your throat (everything shoulders upwards should stay fairly relaxed), NOT blowing a lot of air and NOT throwing the sound forwards. But many singers need to study with a teacher to learn it correctly so they don't learn the wrong way and hurt their voice. So I would generally recommend you find a teacher who teaches how to sing with power in a safe way and study with them!

Props for how far you've gotten on your own! Your pitch, rhythm and tone are dead on, as well as a lot of stylistic qualities. That is rare for being self taught. How long have you been singing?

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