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Non-Surgical Voice Repair… How to Go About It?

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Should you just work on your physical body, or should you just work on your voice? The answer is: NONE of the above mentioned choices are right!


As per usual, I am receiving multiple e-mails from all over the world.


90% of those e-mails consist of quite long letters with all kinds of stories, primarily about the voice problems these individuals have been experiencing. The majority of them possess the notion that if something is wrong with their voice i.e. it sounds hoarse, their throat hurts and feels scratchy, they have excessive mucus in their throats and some have already been diagnosed with acid reflux, muscle tension dysphonia, and whatnot; it must be happening only on a physical level.


They do not realize that the majority of vocal issues become present because of the misuse of the vocal mechanics (speaking or singing). However, you cannot dismiss either of the above. If the physical body is already out of whack, so to speak, the wrong mechanics of the voice will reinforce all of the physical imperfections.


If the person is not exactly mentally and physically fit, it will surface that much stronger when the person’s voice will get drowned to the lower position; and thus will attract the mucus and gastric acid to the vocal box and the vocal cords in particular.


As sad as it sounds, when the speaker or singer is experiencing the symptoms of a raspy and hoarse voice, they run to the doctor just to be labeled with either acid reflux or muscle tension dysphonia, especially if no growth like nodules or polyps are present.


They are offered something like Gaviscon which you could buy over the counter and which could assist with the minor stomach trouble, but definitely has not much to do with fixing the voice, or even getting acid reflux off of the vocal box.


Once (mechanically speaking) the voice is flat and sits low in the position, no Gaviscon, or any other remedy, will get it out of there, unless the voice is physically recovered, lifted and restructured to the different set of muscles.


Once the voice finds its new “home” at the upper facial cavities, the surface of the vocal box will be released from the pressure of the sound; and thus will become available to except natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, which actually will aid a great deal to the damaged vocal anatomy.


What does it tell us?


It tells us that the remedies alone, (even the natural ones), will not be able to solve the vocal disorder on its own. It also tells us that to work on the vocal mechanics would be much easier if the vocal box would be lubricated, the vocal cords would be strengthened and all of the impurities, (like mucus and acid), will be eliminated.


So, one more time again, we are back to the holistic approach to vocal mechanics and overall to the human being.

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Hi, Vocalscience. Interesting post.

I am a bit curious to know what you are referring to when you mention the voice 'lifted and restructured to the different set of muscles.'


Hi Steven,


Thank you for your comment.


To answer your question: In order to release the vocal box from the pressure of the sound, I created special speech and singing exercises, coupled with certain body movements which help to restructure the voice into the sinus cavities, (vocal chambers), however, positively away from the nasal passages.


Those facial muscles will become strong enough to be able to hold the 'body' of the sound and even more so, when they begin to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles. That, in turn, will minimise and practically eliminate the use of your throat, larynx and the vocal cords.


That’s how the vocal mechanics work. They also are not only repairing your voice from the damage, but assuring the safety and longevity of your voice for life.


Right before answering your comment, I just finished writing a new blog which is a case study of one of my recent clients who came to me from the US to fix his voice and learn a new technique to prosper his singing career.


The blog will be up in a few minutes.


Please read it and let me know what you think.

Your comment will be appreciated.


Diana Yampolsky 

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