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A tip that helped me out so much.

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Hi everyone,


Maybe this is a thing that everybody allready knows.

I couldn't get rid of the strain in my throat, until I went to a vocal coach.

The first thing she said was: "Don't breath in with you mouth but with your nose."

The strain was gone, I had much more controll, and my voice sounded fuller and more powerfull.

Still use your diaphragm, and keep your throat open like making a "ahh" sound, just like at the denist.

You have to practise this, becaus at first it feels like you will never get enough air in you lungs, just keep training,

Breathing in through your nose relaxes your vocal chords and moistures them, and it relaxes your body.


Hope this helps some of you who didn't allready knew this.  :)

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i have a thought about this

i actually have had to use this exercise to stop the larynx from being pushed down when taking a deeper breathe

then i slowly started to be more aware of allowing to take a more mouth air intake and change the habit of forcing the larynx by breathing in ..its a weird thing yet im happy i discovered that... took about 2 weeks to change that,  now, i take a breathe without overthinking ...sound familiar ya probably know where i get my vox lessons from...)   

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Nose inhales are fantastic to learn breathing lower than chest. However, for use in singing very efficient, just because the nostrils are too small. Quick mini breaths in long phrases are almost impossible.

However, the small inlets of the nostrils is the main reason the exercise is effective. When you get it down you will end up moving to the mouth, but with the same breathing style of using the nostrils.

You will love the new world of deeper breathing, it opens the door to alot of great things.

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fun aside, I have not really concentrated on nostril breathing, though it may help others. Each person is different and I think we all need different mechanical things at different times. I think a person needing nostril breathing may change later to not need it so much, Or not. The inhale should be relaxed. What matters is controlling the exhale. How's about we talk about that?

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Well i have all of yall beat, I practice bum breathing. I can inhale and exhale at the same time for one continuous legato phrase.....

Anyways lol....yeah talking about control the exhale is a very important subject and takes a bit more time to get correct

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