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What kind of technique this singer uses here?

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Anyone tell me what kind of technique this singer, John Owen-Jones, utilizes from 2:12 in this video? His voice get strong and solid. I try to do that, but it just doesn't feel right - it seems like 13 years old guys that try to sound like their favorite vocalists, if you know what I mean.




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Very classical, heavy tilt with pure vowels. Adding alot of weight to the lower register, you can tell by how much weight is in the vibrato. Also by how he has to kick it off sometimes, the upper end is pretty heavy too. However, his resonance is pretty good up there, so his tone cuts pretty well as well as cleaner vibrato.

If you want to sing like him, dont over cover and sound like an opera singer with his face in a pillow. You will retain open vocal track and you dont want to sink your larynx in your chest either.

Firm closure, open vocal track, very even and steady support with not near as much as you would think required. If you really want help in this type of tone and timber i can help you in some of my free time. As it is easy to screw up this sound when first working with it.

Also, this style of singing you will have a more limited range. This is the main reason there are vocal fach. Sure you can go higher than you should, but there will be a huge tone difference as well as cut. That would be un acceptable in classical form.

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