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"Hey Bartender" original Southern Rock

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An original southern rock number called "Hey Bartender". 
I did all vocals, plus slide guitar from 2'44 through to the end. All the other stuff is by my friends at www.musicianscollaboration.com.
I tried to make myself a little less British and bit more American, but I don't think my usual accent in my singing is all that strongly British anyhow?. By Jove, Tally Ho!
As usual, constructive criticism is welcome.
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It pretty much just rocks. It completely succeeds at southern rocking. I especially liked the bridge at 2:31, things got a little blue and super passionate sounding, it added a great contrast to the rest of the song. Your slide solo rocks to the end.


I think you're kind of just above technical criticism if this is what you can do. You've gotta keep rocking. I'm pretty sure where you're at right now with voice, you have to ask yourself more what singing means to you and how it fits into your life? Whatever else you want to achieve with your voice is likely optional. This works and it works well. Congratulations on getting there, man.

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You sound american on this. The only thing that makes it different from what I would hear from Lynrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet, and Georgia Satellites is that you have a clean and precise voice and clear annunciation that lacks the nasality of the southern US accent. You get really close on some of the vocal bends to the southern pattern.


Also, even with nasality, americans tend to swallow their vowels and you don't.


But you hit the nail on the head. Can't go wrong on a song with beer. You definitely have the story going on. Kind of like Lynrd Skynrd's "Three Steps."


"I was cutting a rug

Down at a place called the Jug

with a girl named Linda Lou


When in walked a man

With a gun in his hand

And he was looking for you know who.


He said Hey there fella

with the hair colored yella

What'ya tryin to do?


'Cause that's my woman there

And I'm a man who cares

And this might be all for you.


I said, excuse me .."


Good job, George, I liked it.

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