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wagon wheel cover...critiques pleeze

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Some Let it Be progression in there.  I,   V.   VI.   IV.   Now that's a popular progression


You don't sound too bad as you've brought things up, but you sound a bit deflated or timid when approaching the upper notes? How is your support up there? It doesn't sound like it should be 'too' far into a bridgish area yet. It sounds a bit like you might be kind of deflating and 'talking higher' rather than letting the voice take a little more intensity in those areas.


If you vocalize a siren in this range. What happens? I think it might really be a need to support just a bit more to bring this area more comfortable. It is ok if it gets louder. Anyway for support, inhale through a real or invisible straw, feel your ribs expand and engagement in the area between your stomach and chest. Try not to raise your shoulders too much (during the exercise), then hiss out an ssssss sound, while trying to keep the expansion and feeling of 'engagement.'


If you can learn to apply that more so, this area of the voice can probably be commanded without anything too fancy. If you get it right, it should still feel pretty comfortable. Most of the super fancy stuff occurs into the bridge and beyond. For your style, allowing your chest voice to boom a bit, would probably work quite well. It's what blues and country singers do most commonly.


Anyway, lightening the voice is a good approach to a lot of things and it's cool that you can do this to stay conversational as a lot of people can't, but you can keep some of the weight here if you'd like to. It could sound cool and give you some extra dynamics.

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