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Finding Grit

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At this point, I feel like I've conquered most of my vocal issues. I haven't been able to find a healthy way to do it, however, I do want to be able to grit at my leisure. Here is an example so you can know more or less where I'm at. Keep in mind that this was done without any warmup, in one take, with no pitch reference, and kind of rushed. That being said, also let me know if there's anything wrong with what I'm doing:



How can I move into finding grit from here?

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Well grit, I would ask felipe, robert, or formica on that one. I wish I could help, but my voice sucks at grit. I just have to rely on brute strength, however every once and a while I will have some pop out and it brightens my day lol. So maybe that makes it more special i dunno.

Anyways, one thing i will say. The second run you did, dont be afraid to release further. It sounds a bit tense, dont be affraid to shed some more weight, it will still resonate like a mofo. Sounds like you still have alot more range waiting for you, just drop the bar bells and switch to the 5 pounders lol.

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Danielformica: I will probably purchase that next paycheck or the one after (semester just started and I need to buy textbooks). If there's anyone that can sing anything, it's probably you. I like your videos, you describe many things exactly like I would or how I feel them.


m.i.r.: It feels pretty free as it is, and it sheds more weight as I continue to go higher.


Any advice for finding grit? I've tried the following:


1. Feeling a rumbling in the soft palate

2. Squishing an imaginary bean with my tongue at my soft palate

3. Pulling the tongue "up and back"

4. Supporting like hell whilst combining the above tactics


It seems like no matter what I do, I just can't find it in a healthy way. The closest I get is an accidental grit (like in my example during the siren). Any advice to help me get it?

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Hey RowboCaup,


To me you sound awsome on the clip and soo close to the grit being produced in as far as I can tell a decently healthy manner.


I am way behind you in general technique but what I usually do when aiming for the grit is kind of heightening the intensity of the sound but at the same time holding it back. Hard to describe but think like this:


When you do that rock voice you demonstrated, try to "place the voice" outside of your mouth by going through your teeth. To me it works like thinking my teeth are a wall I shall let my voice break.


Disclaimer: This is just lines of thought, not at all necessarily how you will configure your mouth. But I'm thinking with how far along you are you can take these kinds of concepts and put them to use in a good way. Don't to anything that hurts though! :)

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Sexy Beast: You trying to kill me? Lol


Mivke: That sensation you describe is pretty similar to what I feel when I sing. It's like my resonance begins in my chest, and ends somehwere outside of my body, like the air surrounding me is reverberating my resonance (I know, strange). Also, when I move into high notes, the resonance almost feels like it pierced through the roof of my mouth.


Jens: Very good explanation, excellent demonstration. You directons were very clear, I will have to play with this for the next few days (3 minutes a day of course). After trying it right now, I cannot find the same "throat clearing" I would normally do in the pharyngeal. My voice almost wants to move away from pharyngeal when I try it. Maybe this is my issue, I haven't figured out how to coordinate this.

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Yeah play Around with it, it's not the be all end all to distortion there's alot lire things you can do to find it.

But that trick is for many an easy way to be able to do it, it's also a natural function many use without knowing :)

There is other ways to get this, but play around with this for a week make a recording and post it here. Depending on how it goes I can direct you further or give an other of those "quick fix tips"

Cheers and good luck

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