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adding more power in the 5th octive

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I have been able to sing in the 5th octave with a good amount of twang and head resonance  for the past couple weeks now. But now i'm trying to get more power into it. I can add some overlay distortion to get a little more power but that only works on hard rock screaming rock and roll type songs. What are some tips to build the musculature to get more power in the 5th octave. 


besides contract and release because i already do that. 

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It would save a ton of writing and questions if you could post a quick clip.

done! here is part of an original song with some notes in the 5th octave  I done goofed and did it before warming up so my voice isn't in the tip top candy as it usually is.

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First thoughts.

One tough to hear in the closet, I also feel a bit stalkerish sitting in your closet lol.

Second, you need to relax bring it down a bit and find balance in the lower register before you start singing that high. You are all over the place note wise, also bridging extremely late. I hear alot of over compression, with over compression you will never find a powerfull 5th octave sound.

The folds get blown apart, 5th octave singing is about finesse,twang and placement. Firm closure with delicate support.

Just remember it doesnt take much effort at all to sing if you are efficient, let your body do what it needs. So I would focus on low volume singing in a comfortable range for a bit. Get full control and have it get stupid easy, then start working your way up. I would also leave the vibrato out of the higher notes until you get this control. Right now it is very wobble like as well as covering a huge frequency spread.

There is more to say but figured this is a good start.

Fyi i like where you are going with your tone and style

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Ha, funny thing is I know exactly what your talking about. I just sorta stopped thinking about it because I was to caught up on 1 thing and not putting all the peaces together to form the magic super buff bearded dragon in the 5th octave. 

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Just take your time. Like a body builder whom stays lower weight with perfect formed slower reps, then slowly working way up. When you finally get higher it will be stable and easy.

Focus on tone, placement, and efficiency. The power and range will follow. Power and range based on a bad foundation will have no reliability nor will it ever have as good of tone.

Natural vibrato was the last thing on my list to pick up also the hardest to find. Every note i used to think about vibrato and how to grt it out. Then finally I said f vibrato, and focused on everything else singing. Emotion, placement, feelings in the body, tone and efficiency. Then like a magic trick true vibrato made it self known.

I think on the upper end working with falsetto for a bit and light tones will really help you. Evening out the support to closure. Focusing on making the smallest, yet full sounds possible. You will always need more closure than support(not the manning he man closure), but if you looked at a equation of it, the support would always be lower.

Daniel formica has a saying I cant remember the exact words, but it basically says when the larynx works right, "support" disappears.

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Hi Jarom, basically you are shouting in the 4th octave and that is forcing you to disconnect a bit from that to get to the 5th, but when you are in the 5th octave in here it's actually a good intensity to begin with. So I would not worry too much about the 5th octave yet as it is doing better than your 4th octave. Still take your exercises up that high but just let it be what it is don't try to add more power.

Are you studying with a teacher? I can try my best to give you advice via text but it involves a lot of guided exercises over a period of time (months/years) to balance out your individual voice. You're not going to be able to learn that just from a program and a forum.

Basically what you should be working on now is reducing neck/jaw/tongue tensions, coordinating your breath support more actively, and releasing into head resonance in the 4th octave, and doing all your workouts at a volume that is NOT SHOUTING - more like a loud speaking tone volume. Right now you are literally just yelling and pulling chest and that's not what correct powerful singing is. The key thing you are missing is being able to place the resonance is placed in the same place that you would resonate in falsetto (up and back in the head), giving the voice a lot of cushioning and freedom.

Definitely don't do any contract and release onsets for a while.

Here's the "homework" I'd suggest for you:
-Work on bridging and connecting #2A with a mesa di voce onset at the beginning of every scale and at the end of every scale, do a reverse of that - smoothly fading out into a falsetto. As far as the middle of the scale, keep it softer than a yelling, try to avoid feeling any strain in the neck/jaw/tongue, but don't flip into falsetto. Easier said than done but it will force you to fix your weaknesses!!! Like I said mainly support, reducing excess tension, and finding head resonance

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one thing I should mention about vibrato. when in the fith octave the wobble come naturally i'm not trying to force it to come out it just happens. I think it sounds pretty cool though..........

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