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Ok so since my top note in "clean" singing is A4..i often have these excursions in higher notes with my falsetto and stuff JUST because i love high singing and obviously i cant sing high yet :P

So recently ive been able to produce these sounds (ill add link below)...i just wanna know what they are..they sound like something like i could be using (reminds me of steven tylers dream on screams)

Also note that this does not cause any fatigue or strain... its preety simple for me to do but its not conected...there is evident break when reaching for this sound

https://app.box.com/s/z4lz0v6i1vh9u42wpoa8snsevc9zksrh - Scream 1

https://app.box.com/s/5u4jqze474v7jyorxepnfz0k5cdu1qwl - Scream 2


Edit: https://app.box.com/s/xticmr62zl4a4ougftzrxrj13pkcgahr - Scream 3

So i just wanna know what they are and how do they sound to you :)

Edit: i accidentally deleted the thread so i reopened it

Edit 2: i added 3th scream

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I had replied and for some reason my post got lost. Oh well ...


It sounded "connected" and that is all that matters. The sound. Singing is an aural illusion. Quit thinking of connected as being a certain amount of adduction or a certain amount of vocal fold tissue engaged in vibration or whatever. The strength one hears is what is important.


For example, there is another section dealing with just overtone singing. That is, the fundamental is not as present as the overtones, which comes from specific resonance. It is an illusion.

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