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vocal instructors near East side of Seattle?

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Honestly, I'm not sure you do find one near Redmond, but I do know you can find a world class voice coach in Seattle... me. If you live in Seattle, I recommend that you train with, me... lol.  In any case,  you will train with me in my private studio in Belltown, in the city. We can do lessons over skype, but if your in Redmond, that would seemingly be ridiculous if you could just be in my studio in person.


Your interests are noteworthy... you want to train Opera reporter and sing like Josh Groan?  That is quite a difference. Can you tell me why you feel you want to sing Opera?  Do you want to perform Opera and art songs?  Is the reason you are interested in Opera because you perceive "Opera" voice training to be elite and that is where your going to get your best training? Be careful about that assumption.


Give me a call today (Tues.) anytime after 1:00... or this week. We can discuss.


Regarding anyone else to train with in Redmond, I honestly don't know of anyone.

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Robert you are out of seatle right???

I will tell you this, you will be hard pressed to find someone who will teach opera AND pop. When I was working with opera, all those teachers I delt with would not give a second glance at the pop sound.

On the same note, it is difficult to find a pop singer that can teach opera. Not saying niether excist because they do, but it is difficult.

However, if you are looking to build power from the classical school. There are many teachers including robert who base their foundation on the same foundation of the classical school. Though the classical school would never agree with that lol.

Even Josh is sort of a hybrid. Yeah he can sound classical, but he isnt super loud. He has good placement and has the smooth warm tone down very well.

I can draw upwards in the high double digits db in my most resonant area, and can he heard un miced. However, my pronunciation of Italian and german suck, as I need tons more work in that area. Which ALOT of opera training is dedicated to that, Which I am not interested in.

Thus coming to my point, it sounds like you may not be looking for an opera teacher. More like a hybrid breed of a teacher....

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Agreed on your point MIR.  I have found that people tend to toss around the idea of "Opera" training without really understanding what that would mean. That would mean that your training your voice into a unique configuration and acoustics, appropriate for opera sound colors and art songs. This is not the same formant tunings as typical contemporary vocal sounds. People that want to train "Opera" technique on the false premise that that means they are going to get the best training available to sing contemporary music are misunderstanding what real "Opera" training is about and what the results would be. The only reason to study Opera training exclusively would be, if you really wanted to sing Opera repertoire and art songs. If you don't care about that kind of vocal music, then Opera training would likely not be the best choice. 

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Thanks all for the pointers.

I like listening to some opera music and I also like some pop songs. So, I can't decide which one (if I can only choose one) style to go for.


I will consider all coaching options mentioned above.

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