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Excess nasal mucus?

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What are some methods to get rid of excess mucus in the nasal cavity--long term usage?

Here's what I'm seeing:

1. Mucinex-- short term usage.

2. Sudaphed-- may raise blood pressure long term

3. Nasal irrigation--must use constantly

4. Breathing nasal mist--no experience

5. Afrin--3 days max

If allergies caused:

1. Nasal spray steroids--generally recommended by physicians presently

2. Antihistamines--drowsiness frequent side-effect

3. Nasalcrom

If acid reflux caused:

1. Proton inhibitors

2. H2 blockers

3. Antiacid

4. Change diet

5. Incline bed

Does anyone know of others; preferably non-pharmaceutical.


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