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Just a suggestion (not sure if that's the right place to make these suggestions). I really enjoy reading the comments on this forum and there are some really knowledgeable people posting here.


That's why I feel that the Modern Vocalist World could benefit from an addition a 'The Music World' page: still music related but not limited to vocal technique; theory, album reviews, music genres, production, other instruments, songwriting, even dance moves for the Pop/Glam Metal crowd here.  :)


Anyone agrees that this could be a nice addition (hoping that I'm not going for silence with some cricket chirps)? and Robert, is this even possible?

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It sounds like a cool idea to expand focus if it were to remain focused on the music. I think one of the things that makes this a strong forum is we all love singing and by extension music so people from all walks of life can find a place here. You have people of any religion, political platform, socio economic status, race, gender, people can have disabilities and no one even knows, any place throughout the world. All they need is internet access. If we let things go extremely off topic the same people might be at each others throats. It's just human nature, but with a common goal, we can appreciate music and it's probably about as close as we'll come to world peace given a common, positive, united goal. 


With a focus on music, I'm a multi instrumentalist with a fair amount of musical knowledge that can help people. The way the current forum is headed is pretty subdivided into small, neglected sections and big popular sections. So I don't know if you were to create a section called 'musicality training, music theory, composition, improvisation' if the tumble weeds would start blowing through, even though it is extremely useful even for vocalists who would like to improvise or harmonize in cover songs and could be the difference between someone having a successful career and not as a songwriter.


The problem kind of is, we've already got a recording/mixing section, which could use a lot of love from experts as folks like myself just aren't that good at it. I'd help as much as I could, but I'm the one in need of help on this subject.


"Other instruments" section I predict might be popular. Lots of people here are instrumentalists and would have a lot of advice to help on techniques and usage of various instruments. I know I tried to learn violin awhile back, and that bow was just nails on chalkboard torture screeeeeeetch. I loved having an instrument without frets that I could pitch purely by ear, it was a great experience, but that awful sound repelled me and if there was good advice for getting rid of it sooner, I'd probably be a violinist.


Subdividing all the way down to 'dance moves,' is getting very specific. Still, in theory, even learning to synchronize dance with singing, if playing an instrument and singing at the same time is any indication, is probably extremely challenging to do. It probably requires a lot of practice, and there are likely exercises to improve coordination and maintain your singing voice while moving like that.


If you broadened the subject enough, you could include fashion too, presentation advice for being noticed. But would it ultimately devolve into TMZ, level, 'what do you think of X new haircut?"


So you're right, if there was a more 'general music' forum it might help unite topics, kind of like how a lot of subjects leak into the vocal technique forum, given its traffic. At the same time, it might lack focus too much. I don't know the logistics or ideal way of handling an expansion like that, but it is a good suggestion and ultimately would likely be beneficial for singers.


The final concern would be moderation. They already have to deal with spammers, and keep an eye on the forum as is. If the forum were to become epic in scope, it could cause increased burden.

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Was kidding about the dance moves... although for some others it might be relevant. I think there was a Performance forum in the old website.


I can't predict what everybody would be interested to talk about - how to dress on stage seems like a legit topic... 'what to do with myself when the band goes into an instrumental jam for ten minutes' also seems like a topic that could work...


For the sake of moderation and the forum consistency it would be better to keep it music related. 


If an additional moderator is needed I'm ready to volunteer (although I'm sure that we have here people who, if willing, could do a better job than I can)... 

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   A general music/performance subtopic could work. You do not need to clarify or add other subtopics to it, the posted threads themselves will take care of that.

   Under General Music/Performance the threads could consist of anything from How do I do ?(whatever) to I found a cool website that sells Pink Cowboy Hats to add to Stage Personality/Presence.

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I have been to other forums of different subjects and they usually have a section where you can talk about stuff, in general. But here, everyone is dead-set on singing technique, only, pure and simple. I get away with interjecting trivia if it seems relevant. But, it usually seems that this section gets all the general stuff, too. For example, did you know that a few days ago was the birthday of Robin Zander, singer of Cheap Trick? He turned 62. God, that makes me feel old.

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