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Is this more of a Belty or Heady Configuration? (Samples included)

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Jabroni you need to work on bridging the most right now. Referring to your newer siren example, I highly recommend you don't modify to uh at the passaggio point, it is tripping you up because you are overcovering to get that vowel shading which makes the voice stuck and then it has to flip to get higher. So instead try modifying to "aw" as in "claw" (but think a slightly more operatic darker sound to it but with a similar open throat feeling to a wide and bright "ah" as in "father" or "ae" as in "cat") at the middle and continue shading the vowel darker toward "ouh" as in "book" at the top, again still keeping that open throat feeling of an "ah" or "ae". Look in the mirror and make sure your embouchure isn't shifting at all. Lastly, right at the point where it wants to flip, you'll have to support like hell and get used to relaxing the throat above that support and then you'll find you can simply keep going and let your voice thin out naturally as it gradually runs out of weight to pull up instead of having to feel like you're mentally switching registers to get out of a heavy M1.


Also if you find the sirens too hard you may find more success with bridging and connecting 2A, but going from each note to the next like mini-sirens.

This is all stuff that helped me a lot with bridging.


Owen, this post is great, thanks!


The boldface sentences have really helped me try to slow down my bridging and make it sound connected. The "aw" as in "claw" really helps around E4-G4. Anything above that for me is very easy to stay connected and sound full (I'm assuming it's because that's way out of the transition area).


By the way, those high 6th octave screams I always though were falsetto so I was doing something wrong. Now that I know the feeling thanks to the SLS buzzing, I know I have it right: my range feels like it can go on for days, and most of the work needs to be put in around the E4-G4 area. This is most definitely the hardest area to stay connected and to bridge.


I'll keep posting updates as I record more sirens / head tones.

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You aren't alone. :)

For everyone, including "light" tenors, who are bridging no later than F4, even if it feels like "chest" higher than that.


I have seen a number of people talk about doing a D5 in chest voice. It is not chest voice or full chest voice, even if it "sounds" like that. Which is part of what I mean about the sound the voice being an illusion.

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