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I "kinda" found how to fix my pitch problems, but not really...

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I recently posted a topic about my pitch problems, and the fact that I am inconsistent. I started studying what can help me (even bad habits) to improve singing on pitch.


I realized that my pitch problems are at their strongest when singing low notes. It feels like my vocal cords were flapping or opening too much and closing with a riddiculous frequency. It wouldn't let me sustain a proper note, even though I am not running out of breath or I am totally not out of my range. The note goes up and down by 50c when this happens. It feels like there was a bit of the vocal fry, but one that I can't really stop or control. There is absolutely no strain or tension at that point.


On middle notes I don't experience it that much, my voice there isn't perfectly stable, but it's way better. Head voice and falsetto are completely free of that problem.


The fix that worked for me (although I don't treat it as a fix really, just a mean to check what exactly is wrong with my voice) are squeezed vocal folds. It feels like making a bottleneck effect for the air, which most likely brings vocal folds closer together. As I go down the scale my low notes are stable when I do that.


It feels like I was trying to hold my breath only partially. Though it doesn't really make my vocal folds tired or strained, so I am not sure - is that the way I was always supposed to produce my notes?!

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The way to do any note, even low notes, is to get it out of your throat. Focus forward.


Motion, when necessary, in the abs (or lower section)

Note in the head (above the larynx)

Nothing in the throat, ever, amen.


We should have this as a banner on the TMVW homepage. ;)

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Thanks guys, I did some research and modified that "fix". I started singing using the SLS technique, which is the most similar way of singing to that "fix". It seems that when using OT I am much worse at singing on pitch. I will increase my skill of nailing pitch with SLS and then I will go back to OT. I need something that is reliable to train my ear->vocal folds coordination, then I can switch.

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I have been able to sing some low notes and I do it by the words I wrote earlier. Which doesn't make me baritone or sound like one. In fact, when I want to do a big note or one that sounds deep, the thought in my head is "cavernous." I am not thinking squashed throat or can i feel it in my intercostal region. I just see in my eye the "size" of the note. Because, for me, low notes are big because they are longer wavelength. High notes are small because they are shorter wavelength. But they are all bouncing around the same area, somewhere above the vocal folds.

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