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Spencer Sotelo

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If you haven't heard of him, worth checking out. Currently the lead vocalist in periphery. My question is.. what is he doing!? when listening to him sing it sounds like he's squeezing and pulling his chest voice up ridiculously high. He has quite a "thin" voice but it seems very powerful demonstrated very well on the strength of his "ee"s. To my ears, to do what it sounds to me like he's doing would hurt incredibly, yet it obviously doesn't. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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I checked a random vid to see what he does (but you really need to do as analog said so as to have a reference for everybody).

From what I heard however, I hope someone in this forum can explain this type of voice. I'd be extremely interested in knowing too.

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I checked out the myspace page. Without a song suggestion or a linked video here I looked at the first song, self-titled from the Icarus - Live production. At the lower end, he whispers, to get the soft and tired sound. Actually, the whole song is a study in influences and styles. Hard rock and heavy metal timbres and sensibilities tied into a prog rock rhythm and background and the vocals in some places similar to the Linkin Park juxtaposition of choir boy stanzas alternated with screaming high end. His high end is twang with some curbing and some distortion though I not sure if that's actual distortion with the false cords or some fry.

Once again, a well done twang and some distortion in the high end are meant to make note "meatier." "He must be pulling chest." No, I'm afraid not. Add to that a well done recording with a sound engineer or someone who knows what they are doing, recording being a mastered art in it's own right, and you get whatever sound you want. I've learned that the hard way. I stink at recording and I stink at mixing the end result but I still play with it because even a blind hog finds an acorn, once in a while.

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