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breathy or normal?

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hi everyone! I have been struggling on this for a while


i love listening to youtube covers and i realize many of the singers sound a bit breathy ( like that 10khz sheen in their voice)


for example ( i am new here not sure if links are permitted ><)



i try to sing with thaqt kinda "soultry" tone but the extra "brreathe" makes my cords inflamed


is such tone normal? is there anyway to ahcieve it healthily?


 i can sing healthily but it is louder and sounds vey "solid" and not "breathy" at all... sometimes to a fault

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You're right, part of it is production. For youtube covers those are both very heavily produced, I can actually hear pitch jumping from the tuning but the sound spectrum is heavily modified from a natural voice as well. So you can't compare your voice directly unless you are using similar settings.


I've personally never gotten it 'that' crisp, which may be related to my mixing skills and being a man with perhaps a darker voice than the average woman, but if you take a comfortable, relaxed slightly breathy voice and twang it a bit, and find a bit of a middle ground between that and moving towards a plaintive sound is where I find the most clarity and definition in my breathier voices.


As far as a healthy voice, I think starting with light 'hoo' like sound tends to get my throat into a more relaxed position to handle the lighter phonations which I might make breathier. From what I understand, certain vowel positions create different amounts of compression where breathiness might be unhealthy. If it feels tiring, exhausting, or bad, you should keep looking for different ways of phonating it. I know that whispering is supposedly one of the more unhealthy things to be done with the vocal folds. My guess is it is probably finding the right coordination, and using moderation is your best bet.


You might want to look into into Chapman123's stuff, we might ask him if he does if he does any extra EQ, cause of the breathy voiced singers here, he has the most clarity to my ears:


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