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What could this be?

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The main difficulty with my voice for a long time has been my battle with acid reflux. I somewhat got control of it this summer but then it started to come back about a month ago.

But the main issue right now is not the reflux. Because I think I know how to control it and when I went to visit my ENT last week he told me that the irritation caused by the reflux had once again had withdrawn from the vocal fold level.

However - in addition to this problem I also feel a stinging kind of pain at the right side of my larynx when I go for notes typically above E4-G4, mainly in curbing. And the problem is not on the vocal fold level since I did a Laryngeal stroboscopy last week and it did not show any tissue damage on the folds themselves.

My ENT gave me the advice to keep sinigng and speaking very lightly for a couple of weeks to see if the problem goes away on its own.

Because the problem is not on a vocal fold level, I have no breaks or such in my voice. It is just that its painful to handle and it kind of feels like the stinging pulls me down when attempting more intensive singing.

Once again - the pain comes from the right part of my larynx kind of reaching up to the back of my tongue or my right tonsil.

What do you think it could be?

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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So, your ENT doc says the AR has retreated from the vocal folds and you were scoped and it showed no damage or irritation to the tissue on the folds but you still feel stinging on the back of the tongue and the right tonsil area. Well, the scope is visual, right? So, it might not see damage that has healed over. Or, maybe you have a nerve problem. Also, our bodies are wired funny. At times, I would have an itch on my calf, for instance, and feel a twinge in the opposite shoulder when I scratched the itch on the calf. So, where you feel the discomfort is not necessarily where the problem is. Or, it is where the problem is and the doc visit, for whatever reason, didn't catch what the problem is. Has your doctor scoped while you were singing to see if something is inflaming, only for it to go down and look normal by the time you visit him?

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