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Vocal Coaching can do great things...but it may not be everything you need internally.

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If you're a professional singer, emerging artist or just someone who loves singing in the shower...

Are you looking to regain your edge to conquer the "Red Light Fears" of recording and performance... Or you just want to be more comfortable with your own voice...

I can get you through it.


Emotional patterns can produce overwhelming fears or they can create the greatest freedoms. If we use strategic reframing to see issues from a different perspective, we can work towards permanently altering the emotional thoughts that hold us back from what we really want to achieve.


As a professional singer and recording artist for 25 years, Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher and Performance Recording Coach. I feel your pain...I wish I had this information back then...

There are 1000's of outstanding coaches, teachers and mentors here with great abilities on a unlimited amount of topics. Truly a great platform! Way to go Robert!


Every bit of your voice can be attributed to your emotional content. Your Head Space and State!

Emotions control every aspect of our lives....

You can either let them control you, or you can take control to live the life you want and deserve.

Understanding the POWER of your emotions is just one step of making HAPPY and POSITIVE changes in yourself and your career.

The current state of mind you are in will dictate the emotions you're experiencing for better or worse. Being able to break the pattern of the moment, gives us the opportunity to Reframe the meaning in different positive ways.


Singers so frequently get blockages just before recording, performances and writing.

The inner confidence you require can be lost in mere seconds. Being able to get into the zone is Key...

You can be the best technical singer around, but still have these issues.

I have read countless questions on why people are having constant problems. Some maybe be very physically oriented and require a qualified doctor. And some just not using good technique.


Trust me...I have had most of these concerns over my career as well.


The psychology of singing and performance requires a strong focus of your thoughts. If you can not clear your head and be in the moment, you won't have success in what your trying do.


As singers, we train and practice for what seems like forever just to improve. We spend days, weeks and years to write songs that we can comfortably do in our style and ability. Hit numerous road blocks along the way to move your career forward or maybe just be able to sing your first karaoke song in front of the public.

We consistently beat ourselves up for things that are out of our control.


Removing the stress of the moment is what needs to be accomplished. But this requires the reframe of all stresses and beliefs in your current lifestyle and focus what's important to you. Stress is fear...and fear is just an emotion, it can be changed.


I have perfected working strategies that can help those who wish to breakthrough for success and bring back the fun of singing, even in the most pressured situations. 


Contact me for more information.










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