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VIDEO: Bootleg stuff shot by fans of The Rebel Yells.

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James Lugo

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Ok so here is some video footage from out past 2 shows. It's a miracle that being sick for as long as I was didn't destroy my voice. Man the body is resilient. As far as technique it's pretty much my 'technique of no technique approach'. Bruce Lee style! Just fundamentals, nothing to exciting. Shoulder loose even with a Les Paul strapped on, jaw loose, tongue flat and forward, drop the jaw and slightly engage the core on high notes as I sing further. That's it. Very simple, not always easy to do though. Nothing really obviously challenging vocally in this style but a lot of it has hidden difficulties, especially combining it with funk guitar. Anyway that's it, I just wanted to share it here because I am so grateful for all the help and support I got on TMVW and from Robert personally when I was sick and at my lowest. A blessing from all this has been being turned on to Robert's vocal training course. It's been really helpful and a fresh way of thinking of things which is always good. Here you go, enjoy!


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That was so cool, James. And a cool promo tape. If I had a tape like that ....


Notables that pleased me, though everything was good. You had to guts to do Frankie Goes to Hollywood stuff. And even more better-er, you did "Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive, one of my guilty pleasures. If you are ever in Dallas and you see a blonde guy about your age doing .8 Mach on s.h. 121 in a Pontiac and singing the chorus "I want your love ....", that's me.


"Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel. That is a difficult song with grace notes in the 5th octave and slippery time sigs.


And great crowds there, too, and you inspire them to get up and dance. Club owners like that because people dancing get thirsty and buy more beverages. And because the people had fun, they come back to the place, which owners like.


And it looks like you are friendly with the bandmates. Maybe you have known each other a long time, kind of like the band members of Chickenfoot. You guys are just as awesome as they are and I hope you guys are going to do original stuff, too.

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 Your singing sounds great James,

    I could not help noticing a Horn section and different piano/organ sounds. I did not see a piano player. :o

   The reason it stuck out to me is because a former band mate wants me to return as Bass Player in a 3 man band with Himself and a drummer using prerecorded background effects to fill out the band. It is just my own misgivings but that seems like more of a pain than a help. And why have a live bass player or drummer when the rhythm and Background harmonies are pre recorded anyway? It seems that I would only be there for show not substance.

    For myself a Three man band would work just as well without the click track and horn sections.  Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix and even Stevie Ray Vaugn started and made records as a three piece band. 

   I apologize for derailing your thread, you guys do sound awesome and it looks like it is working very well for you. I am just trying to figure out if this is something that I want to pursue or not. Could you give me feedback on your experience with this in regards to performance? 

   Even in a Five man band when one screws up the others are in sync enough to either cover for the screw up or go with it and improvise. With prerecorded backup you are pretty much locked in to what you can do.

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Thanks guys, it feels so good to be singing again. Man I missed it. Warming up right now, low and slow. Learning Uptown Funk, This Is How We Do It, The Cupid Shuffle,YMCA, What's Going On, Comfortably Numb and Party Rock Anthem. And that is it for a while, we have 43 songs, I want to take the next few months and build my voice and really own these songs.

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So, was I right? Can we xpect some Foreigner in the set list for next year?


Just kidding. Just going along with the gag. James, you are one of those singers who can make the phone book sound good. Whereas, I sound better than Bob Dylan, which is an easy or "backhanded" (as my friend used to say) compliment.

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