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100% honest feedback on my singing voice

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Please be honest when you say what you think about my singing voice. And please leave some constructive feedback.


I feel like I rushed too much. I made this video a few hours before the song came out, and I have no idea how to use my microphone; sound like I was way too close.



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Hi Osmosis...  Welcome!


Can you do us a favor and please upload a picture to your profile so that you have an identity and it helps us to make the site look more cool.


ok, regarding your tune... 


- Are you doubling yourself with this or is this another person?  Im assuming you are doubling yourself.  The sound color of the two voices need to be more harmonious in terms of actual harmony ... or more accurate harmony... as well as texture.  The lower voice is more windy and "gruff", the higher voice is more compressed (less windy) and this is creating two sound colors that really blend intuitively together... so try to make them both windy or both with more compression on the vocal folds... just my producer opinion on that.


- In my view, this is barely singing... its more like speaking. Reciting poetry which is an art form and could be cool... there is nothing wrong with that approach, but even when your performing a "recitative" approach... it still has pitch... you still have to execute this speech-like quality your using on pitch in relation to the key of the song... this is pitchy... and there is no margin for error or any "flex" when It comes to intonation... either your in our your out and if your out of pitch, technically.. its noise. Even if its close, its still, noise. So... this is noisy, because your not singing or reciting in pitch.


- I can actually hear a melody in this that is trying to get out... the bed track is very cool and has some nice harmonic changes in the arrangement that lend themselves to some nice melodic movements, but these are melodic opportunities that are being missed due to ... your intonation not being accurate, your vocal tone not clean or resonant enough (its a bit froggy, throaty, .. not much amplified resonance in this sound.. which is how you get a lot of that great color when your actually singing)... 


This needs work...  you can't really sing, unless you ... sing a lot... but on top of that, at this stage, you really need to train and workout your voice. You have a tired, lazy vocal system that is "sitting on the couch" enjoying a life of speaking... which is not a very favorable vocal mode for ANY of us... you need vocal workouts, scales, a teacher and an understanding about how to transform your voice into a wind instrument that has resonance, color, amplification... and great intonation, and interpretation.


You need to train... there are a lot of good coaches on this forum that can take you under your wing.. I happen to be one of them. I offer a comprehensive vocal training program titled, "The Four Pillars of Singing" that has enjoyed 100%, 5-Star Reviews from anyone that has ever bothered to give me a review.. click the link above to learn more and watch the video below... 


I know I can help you... any coach on this service can... but the first step is you have to make a commitment in yourself and to a teacher and program. It doesn't just come through osmosis, it doesn't come by someone giving you a "secret tip", or watching teaser content on YouTube for free... and singing isn't something that you HAVE to born with either... just about 9 out of 10 people can learn to sing and most of that group, can learn to sing pretty darn good if you have a big heart, practice/train a lot and have a good coach and training materials. 


There rarely is a free lunch in life and singing most certainly isn't the exception... hope this helps. 


"The Four Pillars of Singing" Offers Training Content!

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   Robert makes some good points. This is sung by a female and you are singing an octave lower than she is which brings the song too low for you. You are basically speaking this. Find a song that you can match the range and timber of the original singer. It will be easier for you to check your pitch against theirs.  I find it easier to access a singing voice when not in speaking range. It takes more energy and gets you out of speaking habits. After getting control of some basics then you will be able to start singing in speaking or below speaking range with more energy and control.

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