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deviated septum and air pressure

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Does anyone know about the effects of deviated septum on one side on singing's air pressure?

When singing, there's an expulsion of air through both the mouth and the nose. If one has a deviated left septum, there is a build-up of pressure on the left side. I would tend to think the right nostril would open more.

What I find is that both of my nostrils tend to shut down when singing. This makes singing more difficult for all kinds of reasons. Though air pressure can be reduce by opening the mouth more, this brings all kinds of different tone effects.

The nostrils can be shut down for other reasons-- possibly too much much warm air or acidic air (acid reflux); I don't know.

If you have a deviated septum on the left side, what happens when you sing?

If you have it on the right side, what happens?

Do you have acid reflux (even if minor)?

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A deviated septum can absolutely interfere with resonance and airflow. In addition, in some people a deviated septum can lead to recurrent sinus issues, which can lead to resonance issues as well, in addition to sinusitis and associated laryngitis and mucus viscosity alteration. Finally, some deviated septums are "S" shaped and result in bilateral nasal congestion, as you are describing. I recommend visiting your otolaryngologist to get it checked out.

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Had acid reflux until i started doing the prevacid every 4 months (necessary evil..:( ), stopped using artificial sweetners, drinking flouridated water, and stopped drinking any sodas. Only have spicy foods when im not singing, etc. Also, not sure about the "expulsion" term, i've read and learned more of a "spin/float" sensation than an expuslion. With concentration, relaxation, soft palatte, can sing "over" blocked sinuses with this technique (almost always)..:) Hope that adds a data point for ya...???

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Im sorry for the problems Chen....it frustrating when the sound you hear yourself generating within your soul isnt the same as the sound your body or training lets you generate. The info and friends i have made on this site has helped me get so much closer to the sound within though :) I am truly blessed in that i dont have some of the health issues that are stumbling blocks for others....

you cant give up if the music is in your soul :)

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