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Dutch band covers Creedence

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I'm a big fan of CCR so when I noticed that this band did a cover of I Put A Spell On You I was pretty skeptical at first.  I honestly don't like the bands own music at all, they're too 'poppy' for my taste. I was pleasantly suprised by their cover though, especially at the singer. I thought it'd be neat to post it here, see what you guys think. 

Any thoughts on his technique? Is he using headvoice? To me it sounds like he's bleeding quite a bit of air on the high notes. I'm no expert though!




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Yes, "leaky head voice" sounds like a good name for it but I am sure someone else has a better description of it. And he is using open vowels, like ah, and oh, and maybe a little uh sound, here and there. And his look reminds me of a young Joe Cocker. That's kind of cool.

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