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What technique is she using?

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She doesn't seem to have the high notes that you see in typical artists with high notes such as Whitney Houston, but there is something unique about her vocals? So how does she work it? What is her vocal range? The song gets very interesting near the end. Not sure if watching vid embedded works, but if not, just click on the "watch this on youtube" message link.



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Ain't she great. I think chest-dominant mix or even head-added belting (if you think they are different things; Kayes "hooty belting"), quite similar to musical theatre belting. It's very prone to being abused (most Korean traditional folk singers have stories about coughing off blood while training) but once trained many do sing well into their 50-60s.


The iconic quality you mentioned might just be stylistic thing though--exaggerating the crying quality quite a bit, especially around the attack/ending of a note ad so on... a quality that contemporary Korean pop singers disdain (because they associate it to an older pop music style), funnily enough.


Do you think her vocals can improve since she is only 18yrs old right now. Maybe higher notes when she gets a bit older?

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