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Need some help with gipsy/flamenco singing...

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Hi there,


Not a newbie on the forum, was "joshual" on the old board but i had to create another account...


Now my problem: 


My boss ( i work as a pro musician singer/guitarist in france) want to do this song:



I sing many style (from William pharell to acdc lol) but can't do the trick to impersonate that style.


Seems to me that there's a LOT of support and everything in "the mask". But his notes are ringing so much and are so free...


If anyone can help, it would be great ^^


Thanxs a lot my friends


Gipsy Josh ^^

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Wow, I was expecting a much more extreme singing style from your description.  To me, that guy's pretty much just singing somewhat loud.  He's playing rumba flamenco, more rumba than flamenco really.  Most of those guys have a lot of rasp and cut in their voice.  I asked how to sing "Like the Gipsy Kings" (the most famous band in this style) on the CVI board a few weeks ago.  If you listen to the video, you'll get an idea of what rumba or flamenco singing can sound like. You can check out the answer here: 



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