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St. Paddy's Day and inebriated singing

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We posted some of our favorite St. Patrick's Day songs that we play here. Galway Girl is my personal favorite:


Our group's attempt at a flash jam at a Whole Foods Market is posted here:


See if you can spot the bass player in the seafood aisle! Of course we were sober...

Anyways, have a happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!

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That was cool but I have to know, did that one listener finally get a good picture of the banjo player for Rachel?


I like celtic folk music.


Have you ever seen a movie called "Songcatcher"? It was written, directed, and starred Aidan Quinn. Most people know him now as the police captain on "Sherlock Holmes." Anyway, Quinn is proud of his irish heritage and the Songcatcher movie was about a guy played by him going through the appalachian mountain range and recording as much of the traditional hillbilly music, as it really has its roots in celtic music. He wanted to collect as much from the oldest and youngest people he could find to show a progression from the root of the song to what it becomes in backwoods whereever, Tennessee, for example.

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