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Can formant/harmonic knowledge be applied practically?

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Of course it can be applied and is applied through the way you form your vowels. For examples try singing the ah vowel with mouth wider, then more vertical, try saying more ou(as in book) but still keeping close to ah, sing uh. Then go and sing ee on an f4 and notice the different harmonic boosts.experiment

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Excellent answer.....it has so much to do with experimentation and inner mental and physical feeling.


You have to learn to tweak things, shading the vowels (altering your throat shapes) sometimes in a direction you might not go to normally or think to go normally.


You may like to emulate a singer but need a different vowel adjustment for your particular voice, not theirs.

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I'm curious if there is any practical application of the formant/harmonic talk.


F.ex., here is a spectrum analysis of my F4 on an ah vowel. Can you tell me anything of value from this or is it unappliable knowledge?






Huh?  Well of course!  


What spectrum analysis does, essentially for those of us that are not hard core, dig deep scientist geeks... and I'm not that on this topic, believe me... is... spectrograph software gives us a visual of sound. It literally allows you to see sound. Because sound is made of of Formants & Harmonics & Waves... spectrograph software is displaying these elements of your sound per frequency/note (F4, etc...). 


Now then, once you understand how to read the spectrograph software, you can THEN... train and/or sing notes that are "tuned", I don't mean frequency/pitch tuning..., to the formant (vowels + sound energy, harmonics, etc...), that is favorable for your voice. 


A "favorable" spectrum signature for your note would do two fundamental things:


1). Make your sound color, the aesthetic, more pleasing and/or powerful... make it sound better.




2). Balance the harmonic energy to help make the physiology work better.... not choke, not push, bridge your vocal break better.


Now if you get really deep into spectrum software... you can then train your body to tune to specialized formants that make your voice sound better. 


In my training program, "The Four Pillars of Singing", I explain a very simple way to use spectrum software to help you to train your voice. It is not too techy... it is very practical application which is what most people want. You can also purchase the world's best spectrum software for singing analysis at my shopping cart. It is a download and it only works on PCs... but here is the link for that. Voce Vista Spectrum Software for Singing.


Lastly, I recently produced this video that covers this topic... notice, I am just trying to sort out the "moving parts" of the topic, so people can understand at least a very basic understanding of what its about.


A Basic Understanding of Formants & Acoustics in Singing


The expert in our community on this is Steve Fraser... one of my mentors as well. Find him in the community and he can go on and deep forever on this. And let me make this very clear... this is VERY IMPORTANT STUFF FOR SINGING! If you understand this... if you can grasp this, you will be able to sing better because you understand clearly what the "flip" is going on... its about understanding the PHYSICS OF SINGING... the objective reality of singing... The world is not flat, it orbits the sun... and singing deals in a world of acoustics... understand the basic physics of things and you find real truth... Faith alone, cannot make you a better singer... 

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