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Recovering after "stomach bug"

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Hi guys,



last week, I went to bed at midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (however you want to look at it), and awoke at 2:30am feeling like I was going to throw up.  Long story short:  I did, and proceeded also had diarhea, fever etc until ~11:30AM.  I however still felt  terrible and just laid on the couch and slept.  My dad got it a few days later so it seems to be making its way through the house, but anyways, although the puking and such was only for a day I didn't feel strong enough to practice singing until Sunday night. 



Now I would say that on Sunday I was about 60-70% of what I normally am.  The worst was my upper range in the 5th octave; my cords felt "dry" compared to how they usually felt that high.  I also couldn't "carry chest" as high as I usually can (I haven't stayed up to date with the M terms, but I think I could say I was shifting to M2 earlier than usual?). 


Now as of today- 5 sessions since I got better, after missing 5 days of practicing- I feel my voice is ~90% or so.  It still seems like I can't carry M1 as high as I could before.  So I'm wondering, how long does it usually take after an illness to get back to 100%?  I guess I assumed that if time off=time practiced since time off, I should be back to what I was before.


I also must say that this is my first instance with throwing up since becoming a "singer", and I had thoughts of James Labrie the whole time I was throwing up haha.  But I'm 99% sure I didn't injure my chords while I was sick.




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