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Picking up singing again. Where to begin?

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I've been singing all my life, but watching all these videos about the science of it makes me realize I've been doing a lot wrong. But also some of it right. I'm not looking for quick fixes. I genuinely love singing, and as such am willing to take on this seemingly uphill battle.


I'm currently teaching myself to read music as that is vital to knowing how to sight sing. I've been warming up and trying exercises meant to build range. However my voice still sounds strange to me in many places. 


At first I thought it was me singing through my nose, but I don't think that's the entirety of it. I think it may also have to do with the way I pronounce words. So I've been looking at descriptions online on how to work on vowels, but I'm still having difficulty understanding what they mean. 


My range according to a find your range in one minute video is B3 - G5. So I've been trying songs in the mezzo range.


If you could post helpful resources on overcoming nasal resonance and improving pronunciation, I would be incredibly grateful.

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