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throat pain without hoarsness

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i have been having issues with my vocal folds/glottis


I dont know why there is always a scratchy feeling inside the glottis/throat area


but the thing is that my voice nevers get hoarse in anyway with or without the pain.. its still the same


and I can get this feeling even when i am not speaking (or even after a month of vocal rest)


but the feeling is really bugging me for a long time and 


I wonder if you guys know anything that can result to this


thank you so much!!!!!!

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You are pushing hard. I also never went hoarse but i experienced fatigue and soreness.

Get used to going in your falsetto and gradually add vocal fold adduction to your falsetto. Thats how you develop proper head voice and full sound without destroying your folds.

P.S. Glottis is just an empty space between vocal folds, it cant hurt cuz ots not physical

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