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Old World & New World- Who the real artist is.

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I haven't seen these topics in the forum and thought I'd touch on the subject. This will be of some importance to beginner vocalist and may help some of the more advanced younger vocalist. Older vocalist will understand.


I am sometimes left to wonder who the real artist is. I've heard really bad singers with auto-tune and incredible engineers put out product beyond belief. I've also heard vocalist with incredible voices end up with a mix that makes them sound far less capable then they actually are.


I remember when the Warning album by Queensryche came out. I was vocalizing long before that, however that record put me on my progressive metal craze lol. In retrospect however I realize how detrimental many of those records were, not good to my vocal progress. If you have a good ear it is even more difficult you hear more note and note sure which to go to. People now are aware of the technology, at that stage I wasn't. Try as you may you cannot sound like you have a harmonizer, reverb, flang on your voice all at the same time naturally. Also everything being amplified creates a deceptive hugeness to the voices. People then make themselves louder and louder in a BAD way. Vocal technique is skill and precision if you sing properly the voice will always have the proper volume and dynamics of volume in each register. Work on the skills, the proper volume for your own voice type will come without forcing it.


To a new singer not aware of studio additions it can leave you feeling like your voice is not up to par, even if your voice is actually better than who is on the record. I encourage younger and new singers to listen to old recordings, real voices without the compression, auto tune, effects. Your voice should have a certain degree of warmth to it. Many people sing with a record and think they are flat. The EQing and effects can mislead the ear.


When in doubt take the slow route, bad habits aren't always easy to get rid of. Unlike most of my vocal cohorts of the time, I always had the upper registers. The Warning album really threw me. I didn't realize the low speaking was on NM156 was a harmonizer and kept thinking it was his voice. I kept singing the vocal part and then tried to cram into my throat to make it sound like that, hey I was 15 lol all the music I had done prior was acoustic.


Just something for new vocalist to consider.

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"The Warning"... was a HUGE influence on me too Darius... as you know. It was tracked in 1985?  Was there auto tuning technology at that time? I think its possible it didn't yet exist?  Maybe I'm wrong... if it did, it wasn't what it is today.

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No I didn't mean to imply auto tune was used on Warning ( it is effects filled and very, very well mixed), rather that it is used  by most major recording artist now. Some will use it for an occasional not other run the entire track through it. I was surprise to find out some of the people using it, like Celine Dion ( in studio not live) some people seem to  be using it even if they don't need it to get that sound it creates. Turned up it does that Cher worbble, but at a lower level it just creates a certain effect.

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