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Conventional Voice Repair Hullabaloo! -- Kazoo...? or Not to Kazoo?

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Lately I attract more and more voice repair clients who have problems with speech and not necessarily with singing.

Some of them have been suffering for two or even three decades with diagnosis's like muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), spasmodic dysphonia, vocal cords burned with acid reflux and many other voice issues.


None of them were able to get any meaningful help from medical doctors or even specialists and let alone from speech therapists. Some of my clients have seen numerous speech therapists who offered them to blow into a kazoo, blow into a straw to a glass of water, and yawn with an excessive sigh!


According to those speech therapists the muscles on their patients’ necks and their vocal cords for that matter will get relaxed and that’s how all of their vocal issues will be solved … ???


In my humble opinion, all of those manipulations are completely obsolete, useless, and counter-productive.

By following the above, nothing meaningful can be produced except the dry throat, more strained vocal cords, and more frustration for the voice repair sufferer.


A lot of my clients reveal to me that they felt like hostages being (nevertheless) tortured and by that had achieved nothing but more pain and more disappointment. Some of them were asked to produce loud noises and when they refused to do so, they were scolded and told that they were very quick to give up on their so-called advanced treatment.


In my practice, I have also received people whose vocal disorder were not very obvious at the glance.


Those particular people had no growth on their vocal cords like nodes, nodules or polyps, they simply had strained their vocal cords, drowned their voices in a very low neck and chest position, and thus, in some cases, they have acquired a mild muscle tension dysphonia condition.


Needless to say, that their necks and shoulders are usually very painful, and that, in turn, affects their ability to speak without any pain or strain. However, since there are no obvious damage being presented to the ENT doctors or speech therapists, the patients have been labeled with the unthinkable – “It’s all in your head and there is nothing wrong with your voice.”


In some cases, they have been thrown out of the doctors and speech therapists offices!


How sad is that?


The patient is blamed for the crime he/she never committed, so to speak.


The voice sufferer is “punished” for the medical “professionals” inadequacy in the aforementioned field!


Evidently the so-called medical professionals have no insight on how to provide help to these poor voice problem sufferers.


The voice, in a manner of speaking, had drowned and needs to be recovered. Some of my clients in the past were advised not to speak for six months or even longer to give their voice a rest. By the time they were trying to speak again, they had nothing but hiss and whisper! If the car’s engine is broken, by putting the car in the garage “to rest”, it will not fix the car’s mechanical problems. Similarly, if you don’t revive the drowned person back to life, the person will die.


Given all that, needless to say, if the mechanics of voice and the surrounding muscles like neck, shoulders, chest and proper posture overall is not fixed, the voice sufferer will never acquire their normal – needless to say –  improved voice back.


The tedious and very intense work required (overall) where the integration and synergy of the intellectual understanding is coupled with the patient’s motor skills and the employment of methods of visualization. All of the above will be necessary in order to achieve (if not a complete vocal recovery) but a much improved voice condition; not to mention, a much better psychological state of mind and a vastly improved physical condition of one’s body.

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