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Be a 24 hour vocalist for vocal health.

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There was a recent poll on with the question " Do you always warm up before singing ? " I answered No.


I wanted to explain that and then continue with the topic I started here. Some of us vocalize all day, if your voice is already in place, there is no reason to warm up. During my off time I may sing 30 mins to 1 hour a day and skip a day or two. If I am actively in a band, teaching or working on a project I sing from the minute I wake up and all day/night with breaks for eating.


Which brings me to the point of this topic. I find vocalist do there work for an hour and then destroy all their work between singing. When I was teaching full time that was one of the first things I noticed with my students. They come in work on scales, placements etc.. they go to a BonJovi concert scream for 2 hours ( incorrectly) and call me the next day voiceless. If your going to go to a concert and scream apply the same principles there also, scream correctly. Most vocalist damage their voice in between their vocal exercises. During practice they are concentrated and paying attention to what they are doing. You need to be that way 24 hours a day, in all vocalizing, in speaking.


Incorporate vocal exercises into your entire day. Proper singing and proper speaking will for the most part keep your voice in place. You will need less or no warm up and it will keep your voice healthier.


Also don't whisper , always have support in the Opera when we whisper it is actually supported and projected.. thrown, it sounds like a whisper but is actually not, it still can be heard at the back of the theatre / Opera House.


Real whispering will dry your vocal fold also cause mucous to collect and harder by the vocal fold and make your voice scratchy.

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